Bankura - United Bank of India

If you are from Bankura district and want to contact United Bank of India Bankura branch manager you can call at 1800-345-0345 or email them at

Branch City District
Amarkanan Amarkanan Bankura
Baksi Baksi Bankura
Bankura Bankura Bankura
Beliatore Beliatore Bankura
Bikrampur Bikrampur Bankura
Bishnupur Bishnupur Bankura
Biur-Betur Betur Bankura
Borjora Borjora Bankura
Chhatna Chhatna Bankura
Chingani Bishnupur Bankura
Galia Galia Bankura
Gangajalghati Gangajalghati Bankura
Jorehira Jorhira Bankura
Joyrambati Jayrambati Bankura
Kadmaghati (Bikna) Kadamghati Bankura
Kankurdanga More Krishnanagar Bankura
Kastora Kastara Bankura
Kharigeria Kharigaria Bankura
Khatra Khatra Bankura
Kotulpur Kotulpur Bankura
Krishnanagar (Bankura) Krishnanagar Bankura
Maliara Maliara Bankura
Mejia Thermal Power Station Mejhia Bankura
Mondalkuli Mandalkuli Bankura
Morar Bankura Bankura
Onda Onda Bankura
Pairaguri Pairaguri Bankura
Pratap Bagan Bankura Bankura
Pukhuria Pukhuria Bankura
Raidihi Raidihi Bankura
Saltora Saltora Bankura
Simlapal Simlapal Bankura
Sonamukhi Sonamukhi Bankura
Taldangra Taldangra Bankura