Bardhaman - United Bank of India

If you are from Bardhaman district and want to contact United Bank of India Bardhaman branch manager you can call at 1800-345-0345 or email them at

Branch City District
Ahmedpur Amadpur Bardhaman
Alloy Steel Project Durgapur Bardhaman
Amarabati Defence Colony Durgapur Bardhaman
Andal Andal Bardhaman
Apcar Garden (Asansol) Asansol Bardhaman
Asansol Bardhaman Bardhaman
Asansol Hutton Road Asansol Bardhaman
Asansol Station Bazar Asansol Bardhaman
Asansol Ushagram Asansol Bardhaman
Bagnapara Bagnapara Bardhaman
Baidyapur Baidyapur Bardhaman
Bamunpara Burdwan Bardhaman
Barakar Barakar Bardhaman
Barmondia Colliery Baramondia Bardhaman
Basoa Andal Bardhaman
Benachity Durgapur Bardhaman
Berenda Burdwan Bardhaman
Bidhannagar Durgapur Bardhaman
Burdwan Bardhaman Bardhaman
Burdwan Kanchan Nagar Rathtala Bardhaman Bardhaman
Burdwan Medical College Bardhaman Bardhaman
Burdwan Ro Durgapur Bardhaman
Burdwan Station Bazar Bardhaman Bardhaman
Burnpur Burnpur Bardhaman
Central Hospital (Kalla) Bardhaman Bardhaman
Chelod Chelod Bardhaman
Chinchuria Burdwan Bardhaman
City Centre (Durgapur) Durgapur Bardhaman
Coke - Oven Durgapur Bardhaman
Damogoria Colliery Bardhaman Bardhaman
Demo Main Colliery Sitarampur Bardhaman
Dunigram Durgapur Bardhaman
Durgapur Durgapur Bardhaman
Durgapur Project Durgapur Bardhaman
Galsi Galsi Bardhaman
Gantar Gantar Bardhaman
Ghordourchatti Ghoudourchati Bardhaman
Kalna Kalna Bardhaman
Katwa Katwa Bardhaman
Kharoon Kharun Bardhaman
Khiragram Khiragram Bardhaman
Kuldiha Kuldiha Bardhaman
Kumardihi Kumardihi Bardhaman
Lokepara Bardhaman Bardhaman
Mahata - Dauradanga Bardhaman Bardhaman
Masjidpur Burdwan Bardhaman
Mayabazar (D.T.P.S.) Mayabazar (D.T.P.S) Bardhaman
Memari Memari Bardhaman
Nutanganj Bardhaman Bardhaman
Panuhat Panuhat Bardhaman
Raniganj Raniganj Bardhaman
Rupnarayanpur Burdwan Bardhaman
Sahajpur Sahajpur Bardhaman
Sangramgarh Colliery Samidh Bardhaman
Service Br Durgapur Bardhaman
Service Br Asansol Bardhaman
Service Br., Burdwan Bardhaman Bardhaman